Website for Bố

In 2012, my wife asked me to create a tribute website for her father after he passed away. I stood up WordPress and created a child theme based on Twenty Twelve, which was WordPress’s default theme at the time. WordPress was quick for me to set up and easy for her to add content. Except for his biography, she put together photos, videos, and letters from family members and friends.

Since then she hadn’t updated the site. She doesn’t need to. It is a special little site to keep all the wonderful memories of him. I could have left the site as it was, but I felt WordPress was not necessary. Even though I had automatic upgrade turned on, maintaining WordPress was not ideal. In addition, the Twenty Twelve theme seemed outdated.

I had wanted to redesign the site from scratch and to remove WordPress for a while. I finally found the motivation and the time last week to do it. I recreated the pages using HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP. The new design is fresh and no longer driven by templates. It felt great getting rid of WordPress altogether.

Redesigning the site feels as if I have paid proper tribute to my father-in-law. I wish I could share the website, but I respect my wife and her family’s privacy.

Rest In Peace, Bố.