My Physical Checkup Results

My nephew who had a serious heart failure a few weeks ago begged me to get an annual checkup. The doctor told him that he now has a 90-year-old heart and he’s only 38. He thought he was going to die.

Two weeks ago, a friend’s son passed away at 27. He had a heart attack. I was horrified. After attending his funeral, I made an appointment to see my internist. It turned out I haven’t seen her for three years. I had to draw two tubes of blood. I almost passed out. The test results came back and they are not good. At 42, I am going downhill from here.

In three years, I gained nine pounds. I need to exercise more. My cholesterol is high. I need more exercise and less fried food. My glucose is also high. I need more exercise and less sweet intakes. My uric acid is high although I have not had a gout attack in a while. I need more exercise, avoid most of the food I like, and give up alcohol. What’s the point of living? Fortunately, my private parts still work fine. At least I can still enjoy life every once in a while.

In all seriousness, I just need exercise, exercise, and exercise. I’ve been skiing with the kids. I have been dragging them to ice skating. These activities are only on weekends, which aren’t enough. Đán wants to play soccer. That’s something I can get back into. I also need to get back to jogging once the weather gets nicer.

In addition to exercise, I need to be more disciplined with food, especially with fried dishes and sweet desserts. With meat, I have a good control with beef because it is my biggest cause for gout. I still have phở or steak every now and then. As for alcohol, I have been pretty back to the pre-gout days. I haven’t controlled myself much. I know I should, but life is too damn short.