I am Not Convinced

Friday night, I sneaked out to Shopper to buy some Gatorade while the kids had their Scout meeting. After picking up what I needed, I went over to the beer and wine section. As I was browsing, a young man came up to me and politely asked, “May I ask you something?” I didn’t even get a chance to reply, he went on, “It might be a challenge. If today is your last day and Jesus is…” I interrupted him, “That’s why I am here right now to get as much liquor as I can so I can get wasted before the day is over.” I smiled and went on, “I know where you are going with this, but thanks. No thanks.” I walked away.

If this is the tactic they use to recruit new members, it is not working. He might have had the good intention, but he freaked me out more than convinced me. I was also glad that he didn’t offer to pray for me. Whenever people offered to keep me in their prayers, I would make a counteroffer, “Lay all your sins on me.”

I have had many conversations with people who believed in God. Last year, I spoke at length with one of my wife’s cousins at the family reunion. I had lots of Patrón in me and he didn’t have a drop; therefore; I had to give him tons of props for answering my questions. I appreciated his honesty. I understood his perspective and I respected his faith. I was still not convinced. His argument was that I had nothing to lose if I believed in God. If I were to become his follower, I have to follow his rules. As a result, I would lose the freedom to make my own decisions on topics such as abortion and gay marriage. My decisions are based on knowledge, discovery, and science instead of the Bible. That’s just me.

Bonjour Vietnam