Mini Me

Out of my four kids, Đán becomes more and more like me. My wife noticed the similarities years ago, but I am just starting to see them. We love seafood, particularly lobster. We love sashimi and raw sushi. He started eating spicy food because I love spicy food.

Like me, he has a short temper and can’t control his emotions. He is sweet and kind when he wants to. When he is hooked on something, like playing on the iPad, he goes all in. I have a hard time controlling my temptations such as coffee, food, and liquor. Luckily, I never smoked or did drugs. I hope he won’t either.

He might have Von Willebrand disease like me. He has nosebleed once in a while, but I have it all my life. His skin is forming a few raised scars. He might have keloid as well. I hope that will not be the case. My bad genes have already showing up on him.

He enjoys spending time with me. We went ice skating together for hours. He tried to keep up with me even though he just started. He fell and got right back up. After many hours of working out on the ice, we kicked back in the car blasting hip-hop. When we listened to JAY-Z’s “99 Problems,” he commented, “It is impossible for someone to have that many problems.” I laughed my ass off.

At dinnertime, he would open a bottle of beer for me and he would pour himself a cup of juice in a glass wine so we can toast. He said that when he becomes old enough he would drink with me so that I don’t have to drink alone. I am fine with having a glass of cocktail or a beer alone. I am not an alcoholic. I might have to just stop drinking around him so that he won’t get the wrong impression.

At night we read together even though he hated reading. He did it to make me happy. As his reading improved, I don’t feel bad taking advantage of him trying to please me. Although I love reading now, I hated it when I was a kid like him. I am hopeful that he will discover the joy of reading sooner than I did.

It is kind of surreal seeing mini me running around and making trouble. I love this kid and I hope he will become a much better version of me in the future.