Arming or Not?

Our marriage has come to the point where anything coming out of my mouth would piss off my wife. As we were having breakfast this morning, the kids watched some music videos on Vietnamese New Year. Seeing firecrackers bursting on the screen gives me nostalgia of tết. I didn’t address my wife directly. I just made a comment that banning firecrackers is good because of serious injuries and even deaths. She blew up saying if I think the communist is so good why don’t I go back and live there. Easy lady, don’t “Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn” me.

I don’t believe in communism, but in some cases the power to make the decision is good, especially on issues that can harm people. The problem with democracy is the political toxic and divisiveness. Guns, in the wrong hands, had taken so many innocent lives in America, and yet the law had gone nowhere to protect us. Mass shooting after mass shooting and more lives have been lost, yet all that politicians can offer is thoughts and prayers instead of solutions to prevent the tragedy. If the government can’t do anything about it, then we must do what is necessary to protect ourselves.

Lately, I have been thinking hard about arming. We’re now living in a gun nation. If someone else has guns and I don’t, guess who is going to die? I hate to even have to think this way, but not having a protection will put me at a disadvantage in a life-threatening situation. I am responsible for at least five lives and it is irresponsible for me not to protect them. Just a thought to ponder upon.