Updating Đẹp Designs

A few months ago, I met up with one of the founder of Đẹp Designs over coffee. I casually pointed out to him that the images were heavy (about 2.5 mb a photo) and the dimensions were off. He told me that after I handed over the key and trained one of his employees to update the website, the employee had moved on.

When I relaunched Đẹp Designs two years ago, I gave specific instructions on the dimensions and optimizations in Photoshop. All that they needed to do was creating the images and upload them to the server. Kirby CMS will handle the rest. Unfortunately the images were huge and the sizes varied.

I made the suggestion that I can handle the update for them since they don’t seem to add new content too often. Because I would be doing the updating, Kirby is no longer needed. They would not have to worry about upgrading Kirby CMS. In my proposal, I offered to move the site off Kirby and rebuild it using PHP, audit the entire website, perform house cleaning to fix bugs, bring the codes (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) up to date, add an SSL Certificate, and updated from PHP 5.4 to PHP 7.3.

After they agreed, I spent some of my Thanksgiving break reworking the site. Take a look.