Back Again

Life is back to normal again. My wife and I made peace—and love. I am tuning out on all the negativity around me and focusing on my kids’ activity. I still have lots of improvements to do, especially in the socializing department. If I can’t hide it, I might as well face it. I promised myself not to get into any more controversies. I kept reminding myself to stay out of people’s business even if they are in my environment.

I just need to get back to do things I enjoy the most. Spending time with my kids helps me letting go of the baggage. Reading helps me staying sharp. Writing journal helps me relieving my stress, but I have to be mindful of what I write now that I know some of the people reading my blog. As long as I think carefully before I hit the publish button, I think I will be safe. It puts a restraint on me, but now I am learning to be more generic in my writing than being specific. As long as I am not directing my subject at anyone, I think I can still write what I want to write.

I still have annoyances on my mind, but I can’t make them go away unless I decided to cut off all my ties. Part of life is putting up with shit you don’t like. I have learned to ignore them rather than to make a big fuss about them. If I can’t learn to adapt to them or to deal with them, I am just going to make myself miserable. Either way I am fucked.