TI’s Controversy

TI has a podcast called ExpediTIously. It’s a safe zone for free exchange of idea and opinion: no judgement, no preconceived belief, and no fear. The first and only episode I listened to was part one conversation between him and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris. When she said that part of a woman’s role was to give her man sex, TI shot back saying that sex was a verbal contract that came with marriage. No one had to give. Both husband and wife agreed to it. I concurred, but he went further saying he owned half of her body. That was far-fetch, but I was not judging.

They he jumped on another podcast revealing his eighteen-year-old daughter’s perfect hymen and that when hell broke lose on social media. A loving father who wanted to protect his daughter’s virginity turned into a creepy dad trying to control his daughter’s body. He probably didn’t anticipate the controversy, but it hit him hard. Again, I was not judging.

As I had to face some consequences with my words in the past few days, I wondered how he dealt with all the criticism thrown at him. As a celebrity, he must had much worse than I did. He probably just brushed the dust off his shoulders and moved on.

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