Stronger After

I often take relationships for granted. I don’t know the value of a relationship until I crack it or break it. I had done it with my family members and the people around me. I screwed up time and time again, but family forgives.

My mom and I had countless heated exchanges. We hurt each other’s feelings, but we still love each other. I had a big fight with me oldest sister over family matters, but we are closer now than ever. I had a huge argument with my other sister over money, but we understand each other now. I got into conflicts with my sister-in-law and her husband over the kids, but we are getting along fine now. My poor wife had to put up with me so many times andI am glad she hadn’t left me yet.

I hope this is my last fuckup, but I can’t promise. I hope something positive will come out of something negative. I am forty-one fucking years old and I have yet to learn. My wife is right: I am part of her (ngũ quỷ) the five demons.