As I was filling out the survey for my son’s ADHD evaluation, I realized that almost all of the questions can be applied to me.

I don’t pay attention to details I don’t care about. I have difficulty keeping attention to what needs to be done when it is a chore. I have difficulty organizing crap in my house. I do not follow through on instructions and often cut corners. I don’t like to do tasks that required mental effort. I lose shit all the time. I am easily distracted and irritated. I am forgetful on a daily basis. I fall asleep when expected to sit still. I don’t like quiet games. I don’t play games at all. I talk too much shit, which gets me into trouble sometimes. I have difficult waiting, especially when people show up late. I argue with adults. I lose temper. I deliberately annoy people, especially my poor wife. I am touchy and easily annoyed with others. I am both angry and resentful. I am spiteful and do want to get even.

Oh fuck, I think I have ADHD. I am not going to take Adderall. I am not going to let my kid take Adderall. We just need to find a way to deal with the issue. For me, this blog lets me release all the negative tension in my head.