An Ode to My Blog

They say if you write long enough you will find your own voice. I have been blogging on here for fifteen years and I have yet to find my own voice. My writing is still filled with grammatical errors. My flow is still stilted. My subjects are all over the place. Despite all my flaws, I continue to write like no one is reading.

What this blog has been offering me is a space to be free. I don’t have to write for anyone else but myself; therefore, I have the freedom to be completely honest with myself. Over the years, I push my honesty as far as I could on the page. I write straight from my head and my heart. What I have written might come back to bite me later on, but I have gone too far now to censor myself.

After branching out to other platforms including Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, and Twitter, I still return to this blog. As strange as sounds, it is still a place of my own on the internet. From the design to the writing, I have complete control of it. I don’t have to follow any rules set by anyone else. I don’t have to worry about getting lock out of my own content.

I can change the design whenever I like. I can do anything without having to go through any approval process. It is still my own blog that I have total control. That’s way I am fine with not having a voice. Just have my own site is all that I have wanted.