Screen Struggling

Over the weekend, my wife’s family gathered to celebrate the seventh anniversary of my father-in-law’s death. With nine adults and eight boys under one roof, the atmosphere got a bit chaotic. We can only talked to each other for only so much. Fortunately these days, each of us had our own device to keep us entertained.

Since my boys only get to use their iPad on the weekend, they tried to use up as much as possible with their cousins. It used to annoyed me how much time these kids spent on their devices, but I had learned to let them go. I could not control others’ activities. In the past, my three-year-old nephew who put his iPad volume to the max during meal times irritated me, now I had learned to ignored it.

All I can do is controlling my own impulse. I replaced my iPhone with a book. The only companion that had no digital device is my one-year-old. He walked around and just picked up whatever toys he could get his hands on. He was so cute and I loved the opportunity to focus on him. I am hoping that we won’t ruined him with a digital device so soon. I failed three times already; therefore, it is quite a challenge. I am determined to kick the screen myself. I can’t be worried about what others are doing. They are not without my control. I can only control my own mind.

I am still off Facebook, but somehow my account was deactivated. It might had reactivated itself after seven days. I went in to deactivate it again. I am done with the platform, but I need to keep my account for work. I am so fed up with Zuckerberg uses disinformation to make profits. Fuck him.