Patricia Lockwood: Priestdaddy

Patricia Lockwood wanted to be a poet. Instead of going to college, she stayed home to write. She got married at 19. With not much financial support, she moved back to her parents’ rectory with her husband. In her debut memoir, Lockwood invites us into her the house of God where her dad is a priest, a Republican, a gun nut, and a Demo-cat hater. Lockwood shares, “My father despises cats. He believes them to be Democrats. He considers them to be little mean hillary clintons covered all over with feminist legfur. Cats would have abortions, if given half a chance. Cats would have abortions for fun.” A Republican, a preacher’s wife, and a mother of five, her mother is no less a character herself. Her mother reveals her father’s secret, “Like the time he shot the German shepherd that bit his bare legs in their little jogging shorts, or the time I got so mad at that priest who insulted my interior decorating that I told him I was going to come down so hard on his dick.” Almost every sentence in the book is witty and funny. Underneath those bright moments, however, Lockwood sheds lights on the darker truth about rape, suicidal attempt, and men’s power over her. It’s a poignant, poetic, hilarious, and insightful book on religion I have read.