Đán’s Misbehaving

Just two weeks into his second grade, Đán already started trouble. His general-music/healthy-habits teacher already emailed me about his behavior in class. He rolled around the floor and played around with the power cable connected to a projector. He didn’t follow instructions during lock-down drill. He ignored his teacher and distracted other students. We talked to him right after school. He told us that he was bored. We asked him to behave and he promised.

Yesterday, I received a call from his English and Spanish teachers. They both told me similar stories. He was bouncing on a chair and when his English teacher asked him to stop he ignored him. He said that he didn’t care. After school, I gave him an earful. I told him that he broke his promise to us. His response was, “I forgot.” I wanted to smack the sense out of him, but I didn’t. I took him and Đạo to swimming lesson early, but I only let Đạo into the water to play before class. He screamed and begged me, but I did not concede. It was a long hour, but I needed him to remember.

My wife talked to him at night as well. Since I will be away, I am hoping that she won’t let him have screen time on this weekend. He has to learn his lesson. As much as I like to give my kids freedom, we have to reign him in somehow.

I am contradicting myself as a father. I don’t want to put too much restraint on him. For the summer, I tried to give him as much room as possible. I didn’t say anything when he didn’t want to brush his teeth, take a bath, or eat his meal. I let him play iPad as much as his heart desired. I gave up on teaching him to read. My wife said I was ignoring him.

All of the sudden, he comes around to reading. We still read picture books, but I am fine with them as long as he wanted to read. He even wanted to write book report for his class assignments. I have been more than happy to help him out. I have been so proud of him and I told him so until his misbehaving this week.

All I can do now is reminding him to behave in class. All I can do now is hoping that he will change his behavior without killing his free spirit. He is still my baby boy.