Redesigned My Portfolio Site

My portfolio site gets a redesign again. The focus is still on simplicity and typography. The main typeface is Exchange, by Frere-Jones Type. Even though Exchange is an excellent text face, it also looks gorgeous at large size. Headers are set in Bild by DJR. I dig the latest version David sent out last May to the Font of the Month Club members. The new version of Bild comes with variable font.

For the design, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. The homepage is just text leading into my professional projects. The about information now has its own page. I also added a about and book page to highlight my books.

In the past, I wanted to keep my résumé independent of the site, but with the redesign, I brought it into the layout as well. I also got tired of maintain a print and an online version; therefore, my résumé is now designed in HTML and CSS first then exported out as a PDF for print.

I hope this latest redesign will last for a while before I feel the itch to change it again.