My Little Delight

After reading Ross Gay’s The Book of Delights, I wanted to blog about something delightful. These days, what brings me joy the most is observing my nine-month-old Vương. His constant smiles, showing his two front bottom teeth, are always a delight. He can’t walk yet, but he swings his arms and shakes his booty every time I put on Vietnamese hip-hop. I just want to freeze time because he is growing way too fast. He is our fourth boy and our final.

Whenever strangers asked me how many kids we have, my reply would be four, but Đán would always corrected me: “We actually have six, but two were dead.” The stunned look on strangers’ faces delighted me. They were caught off guard and didn’t really know how to respond. Some would say, “I am sorry.” I just nodded and offered no explanation.

Ever since my wife told Đán about the two miscarriages she had, he always told people about his two dead siblings. I felt a bit awkward at first, but I am getting used to it. I am delighted that my wife has been opened about it.