Visualgui 2019 Iteration 4

After launching the third iteration of Visualgui 2019 a couple weeks ago, I already switched out to different font. As much as I liked IBM Plex Sans Variable, it quickly became too much like IBM; therefore, I switched to Literata. Then I added Halyard for small text. Then changed up the headlines with Gimlet Banner. Then ended up switched the main text to Pliego. I like to play around with more typefaces than just using one; therefore, variable font might not necessary work for me. Since this is my personal blog, I get to experiment with it quite a bit.

Speaking of personal blog, I am glad to see designers leaving Medium and starting their own blog again. Hylia seems like a promising starter kit to get blogging. Unfortunately I have no idea how to use it. I am still running on the good ole solid WordPress. I trying to keep it as simple as possible. No comments. No Webmentions. No trackbacks. No photos. No tracking. No JavaScript. None. I don’t care if people are linking back here anymore. My subject matters are highly personal. There’s no added value for no one else but myself. Let’s keep it that way.

Off topic a bit, but I added three typefaces from TypeTogether to Vietnamese Typography. Check out Adelle Sans, Bree, and Ebony.