Getting Old

Last week, I got a migraine everyday after work. My blood pressure has been on the range of stage-one hypertension. Lacking of sleep has taken a toll on my health. Even though I have read Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep and understood the consequences of not getting enough sleep, I ignored the warning signs.

I am getting older now and still responsible for my family, I need to make better choice of my life. I am weaning off coffee and cutting down on alcohol. I am heading to bed before 10 pm with my kids and not waking up after they had slept. I am also leaving my phone far away from my bed. I am deactivating Facebook once again and spending less time on social media and reading on screen. I also cutting back on reading books at night, and only read in the morning. I will blog less as well.

I will also miss doing side projects at night. I am not young anymore. Staying up late is going to kill me in a painful way. I do not want that. I need to learn to live slower (in my own head). Getting old is tough when you’re not taking good care of yourself.