Slideshow for Vương

With the birth of my three older sons, I created a short slideshow dedicated to each of them. I used Flash to put together a short clip that had photos within the first three months of their lives. Although Flash player was no longer in used, I converted the clip to video. Here are clips for Đạo’s, Đan’s, and Xuân’s.

By the time Vương was born, Flash had already gone. Now that I use Creative Cloud, I no longer have access to Flash. I was not planning on creating one for Vương, but his mom said it wouldn’t be fair for him. So I needed to create one for him as well. My next choice was After Effects since I now have access to it. I experimented with AE for a bit and it seemed that I could do the Ken Burn effects similar to Flash, but it will take me so much time to get around AE. I would love to learn AE in the near future, but not for this project.

My next choice is CSS animation. I was not sure if it could be done, but I would love to create a slideshow using the web. After a few googling, I came across a CSS Gallery by Ana Travas. The animations Ana is using to create the Ken Burn effects is from Animista, which I really loved.

With the basic demo, I put together a web-based slideshow for our youngest Vương. All I needed to do was added music to it. I selected Nat King Cole’s “Smile” because Vương smiles a lot. The tune, which performed by Halie Loren, is not about happy smiling, but more like smiling even through sadness. I wanted Vương to continue to smile even when life is hard. I am very pleased with the final product. Take a look.

Bonjour Vietnam