I turned 41 today. Other than gout, which I now know how it triggers, I am doing good. At 41, life is treating me well. I have a rambunctious yet wonderful family. I enjoy witnessing each of my sons going to different stages. They grow too damn fast. My seven-month boy is already teething.

My wife and I are still navigating between parenting and working. Our marriage is strong. I am blessed to have her in my life everyday. We argued from time to time, but deep down I appreciate her more than ever. She knows me more than I know myself.

As for my professional career, I am in a different position than I was twenty years ago. I still get to do what I love. I have a fantastic supervisor who continues to support what I do and provide me the flexibility to balance my work and life. I could not ask for more.

Everything seems to work out as it should at 41. I don’t need to worry about money. I am not rich, but comfortable with what I make. I am not frugal, but I don’t overspend either. For instance, I don’t buy expensive toys for my kids, but I take them out to eat anything they want. I don’t buy expensive clothes and shoes, but I buy a drink or two, especially during happy hours.

I don’t know what the future will hold, but I am happy with where I am today. I try to take joy and blessing each day at a time.