Preparing for Our Vacation

The kids will be on spring break next week; therefore, we will be heading to South Carolina on Sunday. I have mixed emotion about the trip. I asked my wife to cancel it, but she ignored me. Maybe I am just overthinking. I have too many worries on my mind. I cannot relax at all.

Since I can’t back out, I might as well trying to make the best out of it. My goal is to spend time with the kids without screen time. We have agreed to leave our devices at home. We’ll play board games, swim in the pools, splash on the beach, relax, and read.

In the last few days, I have checked out books and DVDs for the kids and me. I am looking forward to reading Julie Yip-Williams’s The Unwinding of the Miracle. I also checked out a few books in Vietnamese.

In addition to our own kids, we’re taking on one of our nephews. With five kids, it will be more like daycare than vacation. As a result, I might as well train Xuân to be done with diaper by the time we get back. It’s going to be a crazy trip, but it is for the kids. I just hope that no one is complaining that they are there to be a servant.