Back to iPhone

On Wednesday, I woke up and couldn’t tell time because my phone was completely black. I tried to charge it with different cables, but nothing came up. I suspect either the charging port went bad or the chip burned. My Pixel 2 was dead in just 18 months. I still owe Verizon $160. Even though I love the Google ecosystem, I don’t want to drop $700 to $900 on a Pixel 3. I definitely don’t want to spent a grant on a new iPhone.

My only choice is to revive the old iPhone 6 Plus my wife used before she switched to the 8 Plus. I took the 6 Plus to a Vietnamese repair shop in Eden Center to replace the shattered screen and drained battery for $110 (instead of $200 at Apple). I wiped out everything and started fresh. The 6 Plus a bit too big, but it works fine. I was not keen on returning to the Apple ecosystem. The Onboarding process is a bit cumbersome and I do not want to return to iTunes.

From photo to music to docs to Chrome, Google has created a seamless experience because everything is accessible through the web. Fortunately, Google has all the apps I can still access on iOS. As a result, I continue to use most of the Google apps, but on an iPhone. It feels like best of both world.

I am happy with this four-year-old device because I only wanted to use the bare minimum. I don’t want to use it if I don’t need to. Let’s see how far this will take me.