The Weekend is Here

The weekend is here and the weather is beautiful, and yet I am conflicted about it. Weekends are supposed to be relaxed and to be with the kids, but I have so much chores to do. The guilt is depressing the hell out me.

Instead of riding bike or going to fun places with the boys, I need to do work around the house. The floor needed to be swept and mopped. The wrinkled carpet needed to be stretched out. The shed needed to be reorganized. The cracks on the driveway needed to be filled. The deck needed to be repainted. The basement needed to be decluttered.

Owning a house comes with so much responsibilities. I hate it. I want to do nothing on the weekend, except chilling with the family. When I used to rent, I did not have to worry about any of that mundane crap. I wanted to go back to living a minimal life, but I am no longer living alone and I can’t make all the decisions.

I wish I can throw away most of the things in our house. One of these days, I will. The conflict between cleaning the house and taking the kids out is killing me. The guilt of letting the house untidy is bad. The guilt of cleaning up the house and letting the kids glued the iPads is even worst. Either way, I am fucked. I might as well just take a week or two vacation time to do what I have to do around the house.