Level of Frugality

Last Saturday my wife wanted me to take Đạo and Đán to a chess competition. It cost $45 for each to enter. I didn’t want to take them because they were not ready. They are still amateur and they only played chess once in a while. They are not passionate about it. My wife’s reasoning was that the competition would make them more motivated. I didn’t want to spend $90 just so they can get knockout in their first round. Then I would have to explain to them about winning and losing. My wife and I got into a little argument it. I was just being realistic. Not that I don’t want them to enter the competition, I would like to see them put more effort into it. If they want to compete they would need to beat me first.

Đạo, Đán, and I ended up going to Chinese buffet for lunch. Đán treated himself with five plates of crawfish. We spent $40 and enjoyed our time together. My point is that we are not crazy rich Asian; therefore, we have to choose how we spend our money. I don’t sweat it if we spend $100 on restaurant. We all need to eat. I am more stressed out when we have to spend a few grants on fixing our car or house. I am trying to do as much as I can myself to minimize the costs.

If I can be at the comfort level of not having to think about what I need spend on house, car, and vacation, that would be fantastic. I am, however, grateful for the level that I am in. As long as we are not starving and not having a home, I am not complaining. I just need to be mindful of my level of frugality. The kids also need to understand that money do not just falls out of trees.

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