Expired Friendship

The last time we talked was almost five years ago. He wanted to spend the weekend at our house, but my kids and I were sick. I asked him to come another time when we weren’t sick. He must of thought I made up an excuse and hanged up the phone on me. I thought we would get over it in a few weeks or few months.

I thought about him yesterday and was going to call, but I hesitated. I guess our friendship was expired. I missed the good old time we had. He and I had nothing in common except for food and hip-hop. We could eat chicken wings and listening to 90’s hip-hop all day. We were tight, which could step over the line.

In one particular incident, what he did still haunt and enrage me today. We were at another friend’s house. Even though I knew the friend well, I had never been to his house. The friend’s stepdad was a white man who loved guns. He had guns locked up in the case as well as a few laying around. As we walked into a living room, he picked up a shotgun on the coach and pointed to my head. I was dead serious when I asked him to put it down and do not pull the trigger. Because we were close and too comfortable with each other, he did not see the seriousness in me. He pulled the trigger and I felt the air hitting my temple.

I knew he was just fucking around and he knew the gun had no bullet. Even though I was also 99 percent sure that the gun had no bullet, I was not comfortable with someone putting a gun to my head, especially a close friend. He still thought it was just a joke and probably had forgotten it. As for me, I forgave but never forgot. That day had put a huge dent on our friendship. As much as I wanted to renew our friendship, the incident still leaves me sour. Maybe I should just let it expired.