Context Matters

Here we go again. My wife and I had another argument over politics. It was about Rashida Tlaib’s remark: “Impeach the motherfucker.” She was mad when I said I don’t see any issue with that. Will I let my kids use that type of language? Well, it depends on how they use it. Đạo and Đán already know the word fuck. I am fine if they use it for emphatic effect or to convey emotion. If Đán comes to me and says, “Daddy, the instant noodles you just made is fucking delicious.” I am cool with that.

In Ms. Tlaib’s case, she was using it for linguistic effect as well. I am so fed up with the double standard in politics and media. A woman gets chastised for using a curse word while men said and do worse things and they get elected to be the president of the United States and justice of the Supreme Court.

“Impeach the motherfucker” is nowhere near “Grab them by the pussy.” The latter is a brag about sexual assault. The distinction is clear. It is all about the context. So go right ahead and impeach the motherfucker.

I knew if I kept arguing with my wife, I would just get myself in more trouble so I just use this blog to express how I feel. Come to think about it, arguing with her makes our lives and marriage more engaging. Otherwise, I am quite a boring motherfucker. She is not only the love of my life, but also the inspiration for me to write all these blog posts.