Thank You, TPN

Yesterday I received my first support for this site from a reader. I wrote an email to thank him for his generous contribution and he reminded me that we go all the way back to the Word Cup of 2006. Those days I still had comments turned on. That’s pretty wild that he still continues to visit or read.

Without comments and Google Analytics, I have no idea who still read my blog these days. I have been blogging on this site since 2004 when blogs were booming. Nowadays, independent bloggers like myself are rare. Most blogs have die off. The trend has gone and the incentives are none. I still do it because I don’t rely on my blog to support myself and my family. Nevertheless, I wanted to see if I can get a bit of finance to cover the annual domain name and hosting fees. I added a little message at the bottom of this page for reader support instead of display ads.

If you like what I write on here, please consider support my effort to continue to blog. Any amount is appreciate it.

Bonjour Vietnam