Visualgui 2019: Iteration 2

This blog gets a slight design update. I am getting rid of the multiple colors for each post. I also changed the typeface to Pliego, by Juanjo López. I really love this beautiful text face with lovely OpenType features. Pliego is one of my recent font purchases. I had the pleasure of reviewing Vietnamese diacritics for it.

With the end of Typekit’s standalone plans, I am changing the way I am using fonts. I no longer trust the subscription model if I have projects that I want to stay online for a long time like Vietnamese Typography and Professional Web Typography. Although Google Fonts seems to be doing well, I never know when Google will shut it down given the history of projects Google had abandoned. I also don’t want Google to track you. I respect your privacy.

I am now hosting the fonts myself as much as I can. As a result, I having buying fonts and it could be addictive. Like getting tattoos, you’ll want more typefaces once you started buying one. I never understood why people buying so many expensive handbags until I started buying fonts. Just to have the font files on your hand is such a pleasure.

David Jonathan Ross’s Font of the Month Club has been a good resource for experimenting with new typefaces. David also has a handful quality typefaces with affordable prices. If his typeface doesn’t have Vietnamese support yet, I can make a request to have it drawn. For me, I can’t purchase fonts that do not have Vietnamese diacritics. It’s a deal-breaker for me.

In addition to David’s fonts, I also purchase typefaces Juanjo López and Tobias Frere-Jones because their fonts have Vietnamese support from the get-go. If you are a type designer and need help with Vietnamese diacritics, please read my book. If you need further advise, please get in touch.