Last-minute Getaway

Our last-minute getaway to Myrtle Beach turns out great. Because of the winter, the beach is empty. Although the water is too cold for swimming, the kids love splashing and playing in the sand. Then they swim in the heated indoor pool for hours.

For me, I just love waking up, walking out to the balcony, and breathing in the beach air. The getaway is intended for us to unwind so we are not planning on going anywhere. We just stay at the resort, order in, or cook a little.

The first day we got here, I had a gout attack because of all the beef and booze I consumed over the holidays. Thanks to Aleve and apple cider vinegar, I recovered just a day later. I am now back on the no-beef-no-booze diet.

The boys volunteered to leave their iPads at home after their mom told them this is a bonding-time vacation. After finding out that they actually left them at home, I was shocked and worried. Will they go crazy without the iPads? I am happy to report that they haven’t missed it. They sleep, eat, go to the beach, swim in the pool, read, watch TV, and play Monopoly. They loved Monopoly so much that we played everyday now. Last night, my wife joined us (Đạo, Đán, and me) for a game that lasted until 11 pm.

I am loving the time here. Going to the beach in the winter is super fun. I am not into swimming anyway; therefore, I don’t miss it. On the flip side, I like the emptiness of it. It’s like having a private spot for cheap. Even the indoor pools are completely empty most of the time. That might change on the weekend, but we are enjoying our time until Sunday. I can’t believe a week is almost gone already. I haven’t even finished reading a short memoir yet. I am hoping to finish up before we go back.