Chain Sick

Last week, Đạo got the virus from his best friend from school. Then he passed it on to Đán. Then Đán passed it on to Xuân and grandma. Then Xuân passed it on to me. Today I feel like shit. I hope the buck stops here. I am praying that the little Vương won’t get it.

Đạo, Đán, and Xuân are still coughing. I am coughing too and with a migraine. What finally got me was the lacking of sleep. I spent all day yesterday in bed catching up and recovering. Being sick alone is bad. Being sick with kids is even worse. I hate the feeling of letting them down. Thanks to my mom and my sister for watching the kids. I was completely useless.

In the new year, I need to change my sleeping pattern. No more reading, blogging, Netflixing, and browsing at night. Turn off the phone at bedtime. This is what I have been doing since I got sick. I also need to get back to jogging or some form of exercising.

I am feeling better today.