One Holiday Down

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and I don’t even like eating the plain turkey, but I appreciate the long five-day weekend. I spent most my time with my kids. These days I have to compete with the iPad. To get the three older boys off their device, I have to take them out of the house. We went out to eat and to fun places, but the most enjoyable time for us was getting back to nature.

I posted most of our activities on Facebook so our family members, especially my mom can see what her grandchildren are doing. Every time I talked to her over the phone she told me the joy of seeing them. I feel conflicted about Facebook. On one hand, I despise the platform. The way it fucks with our data and the way it mishandles misinformation. And yet, it is the only platform that even my mom knows how to use. Besides Facebook and YouTube, she would never venture out to this blog. Most of my family members don’t either, which is good. I still have my own space to truly be myself.

I am also feeling guilty that most of my Facebook posts are about living life. I give the impression that I am living a wonderful life and that I am such a great dad. The reality is not as rosy and I have my flaws as a parent. This blog captures the raw, unfiltered side of that. It appears as if I am living two different lives on two separate platforms. On Facebook, I locked down my privacy to only friends. I even went through and took out people I don’t know too well. I have refrained from posting political views.

This blog is still open to the public. I write anything I want without filter. I can be truly be myself through words, not photos of my kids. This blog I will keep, but I can shut off Facebook any time I feel like I have enough of it. The rest of the social media networks, I am pretty much done with.