Just Ignore Him

He’s not a dictator. He’s a dicktator. He needs attention and he says outrageous shit just to get you outrage. The angier you get the more coverage he gets. The media needs to stop focusing on him. I don’t give a fuck how many lies he told. I am tired of reading how dangerous his rhetoric has become. I am sick of seeing his tweets being quoted like they are some prose shit.

We fall into his trap every time he makes a ridiculous comment. After two years, we should know by now. We need to ignore his stupidity and focus on the real policy. If he doesn’t get the attention he craves, I am sure he would go crazy. Imagine no one is paying attention to an incompetent president?

In a way, the Republicans are brilliant at ignoring him and just focus on their agenda. They know damn well he’s a fucking moron. They just don’t say it to his face or in public. They just use him as a mouthpiece to distract the public from paying attention to the laws they want to pass.

The shits he says don’t surprise or shock me anymore. I don’t need the media to remind me his non-sense. Calling him out on his stupid tweets and keeping track of his lies are not working. He continues to get away with them. From grabbing women by the pussy to shooting someone to praising the white supremacists, nothing he said could sink his presidency.

What we can do is ignore his dumb shit and vote him the fuck out starting next Tuesday. I can’t wait to see the turnout and the takeover. I still have faith in America. We can’t let a dicktator run our great nation.