Vote Blue

Voting used to be harder. I had to do my research to find out which candidates to vote for. I had to choose Republicans or Democrats whose policies matched mines. For example, I am conservative on taxation and liberal on abortion.

Nowadays voting is much easier because Republicans only care about their own party. Most of them bowed down to Trump even though he mocked them, called them names, and offended their love ones. These spineless leaders don’t care about the people. They just care about their own political career. They have sold their own soul and dignity. They betrayed their country and stayed loyal to Trump even if they hate his ass. I have never seen a bunch of cowards with loud mouths but soft as a cluster of grapes.

On November 6, I’ll just vote straight Democrats. Even though I disagree with some of their policies, they still have some self-respect. It is such a damn shame that one of the major political parties is captive and gutless.