How I Spend Money

Nowadays the cost of maintaining your cars and house are ridiculously high. Fixing your car according to the technician’s recommendations can easily cost thousands of dollars. We recently had plumbing and electrical inspections, as part of the annual service plan, and the recommendations were about 10 grants. They either think we’re millionaire or we just have money raining from the sky.

Of course, we did not follow any of its recommendation. If the pipe bursts, we know where to shut off the water. If a toilet licks, we can throw in a new toilet. If a light switch goes bad, we can replace it. I am not oppose to hire a professional to do some of the work, but changing a toilet costs almost $800. How fucking ridiculous is it? Well, if I have Jay Z money, I wouldn’t care, but I only make enough to raise my family.

My wife said I am being stingy about those things, yet I am willing spend $50 to $100 every time I take my kids out to eat. First of all, $50 to $100 is nothing compared to thousands. Second of all, I do not feed my kids fast food. We go for Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Third of all, those are times well-spent with the kids. Sure, we go out a couple times a week, but it is all good. My mom used to raise me that way. When it came to food, she never not willing to spend.