Disney on Fire

When my wife asked me to take Xuân to see Disney on Ice at George Mason University, I hesitated. When Đạo was two, I took him once and we walked out half an hour into the show. My wife said Xuân is different because he’s into Disney. She’s right. Xuân liked it.

I enjoyed the show as well. The Coco performance alone was worth the price of the ticket. Yes, I did get the employee discount. We went to see a 12:30 pm show, which was not a good timing. By the time we got to Frozen, which was the last act, Xuân froze inside my lap. I had to carry him to the car and I forgot where I parked. I walked around in 95-degree weather with soaking sweat. We had a great time though.

Experiencing Disney on Ice is like going to a strip club for old, married men. Instead of going with you buddies, you go with your kid. Instead of seeing naked girls, you see half naked Mermaid and hot princesses.

Of course, I am just kidding. The two has nothing in common. It was just a quick thought came to my mind.