Back to the Beginning

In her assessment, Đán’s first grade teacher is concerned about his ability to decode words. As a result, she started a take-home reading. Each Monday, she sends home a few books for him to read and reread. She also send home cards for sight words.

These books and cards only have a few words; therefore, he went through them quickly. He was able to read everything in one evening. It appears that he has memorized the words instead of decoding them.

In addition to his reading assignments, I wanted to try something new with him. If we read half a book together, he would get 20 minutes iPad time. This incentive seems to work. He is more to eager to read and trying the best he can to put the letters into words. I am also trying to be really patience when he could not recognize the same word.

With these exercises, I am hopeful that he will catch up. As much as I don’t want to give them screen time on weekdays, I need to bend this rule to get him motivated.