Sarah Soulless Sanders

Paige Williams writes in the New Yorker:

A press secretary who had an abiding respect for First Amendment freedoms likely would have resigned once it became clear that Trump intended to steamroll his way through the Constitution. But Sanders stayed, even after Trump praised Vladimir Putin and condemned his own federal intelligence agencies; even after he publicly considered handing over Michael McFaul, the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, to Putin’s regime for “interviewing”; even after Trump announced his intention to revoke the security clearances of former national-security officials who had criticized his leadership; and even after Trump joked at a rally that Greg Gianforte, the Montana representative who body-slammed a reporter, had “fought—in more ways than one—for your state.” The Arkansas Times, an alt-weekly, recently declared, “If the Huckster spawn had a soul, she’s sold it.”

Nothing new really.