Money Talk

Tim Herrera writes in the New York Times:

Open discussion of salaries among peers and co-workers, experts said, is a powerful tool to fight pay inequity. Not only does it serve both selfish and altruistic means — it simultaneously puts you and your co-workers in a better position during salary negotiations — but pay transparency can even protect companies by “minimizing the risk of disparate treatment claims and increasing job satisfaction for workers,” Ms. Cornell said.

I recent asked a former colleague his salary while we were having lunch. In reciprocal, I told him mine. The openness let us know where we are at in the industry. If we make around the same amount then we are good. If one is way more than the other, the lower one should think about his current position. I was so glad we were honest about it. I have no problem telling people my salary if they ask. I have nothing to hide. Besides, I work for a public university, my salary is public. If you are curious, you can search for it.