Lesson on Insult

When a six-year-old kid called me stupid, I quizzed him, “Since you are so smart, what is 6×4?” He thought about it and responded, “I don’t know multiplication yet.” I informed him, “The answer is 24.” I went on, “If I am stupid and I know the answer than I guess you’re not so smart, huh?” He cried, “You are mean.”

I calmly explained to him, “When you call someone stupid, you better be smarter than that person or else you wouldn’t look so smart yourself.” I continued, “When I was your age, do you know what happen when I called an adult stupid?” He asked, “What?” I replied,“I get slapped right on the face.” He stopped calling me stupid, at least until he becomes smarter than me.

In retrospect, he was right. I was mean and I had no role in teaching other people’s kid about insulting other people, but we are living in the time when the president called everyone stupid and got away with it. I could have ignored the kid’s insult, but I wanted to teach him a lesson so that he doesn’t think he can get away with it.