Its Priority, Not Yours

After dealing with Priority Toyota in Springfield, I have understood its brand. Priority puts its own priority over customers.

In our negotiation for a brand new 2018 Toyota Sienna, a sales manager accused me of milking the dealer. Sure, a small-time customer is milking a multi-million dollar dealership. I walked out, but a sale consultant ran after me and settled the price. He was a nice guy.

After driving the car home, I could not find any of the paper work a finance manager provided me. I called him to request another copy. I had to call five times to finally reached him. He told me to come to the dealer and he would print me everything. When I came in, a receptionist said he was with a customer. I left my name, phone number, and address so he could send me a copy. A couple days later, I emailed him and copied the general manager to follow up on the paperwork. I received no reply. Nothing. Fortunately, Đạo found the paperwork I left inside of the car.

The temporary license plates will expire tomorrow. The sale guy told me, they will be ready to be picked up within three weeks. On Monday, my wife got nervous and told me to call the dealer. I called about 20 times and left at least 4 messages. I heard nothing back. Yesterday, I drove to the dealer and requested the plates in person.

True to is name, Priority serves its own priority first, especially after it takes your money. Priority even attach its brand on my license plates and the back of my minivan. I obviously took them all off. Part of the deal with Priority is free oil change for life. I don’t know if I can put up with its service department. We’ll see.

If you live in Virginia and interested in purchasing a Toyota at a dealership, you might want to avoid Priority. It does not put your priority over its own.