This blog has been filled with complaints. I am not apologetic about it. I have been stressed the fuck out; therefore, I just write what on my mind. If I am happy and stress-free, I probably wouldn’t write as much. It is my personal blog after all.

I do need a better way to deal with my stress and issues, but writing seems to help. They say money doesn’t make you happy, but it damn sure release you of all the stress. I am still thinking about being an entrepreneur. I am dreaming of creating a product everyday. I want to have the financial freedom that I no longer have to worry about spending.

If I can just call a technician to fix whatever needs to be fixed around the house without having to shop around for the right price, I have achieved my freedom. If I can just take my car to the dealer and have it fixed without thinking about the few grants I have to spend, I have achieved my freedom.

I don’t need expensive cars and big houses. I just need the ability to maintain the old ones. I am not a lavish spender even if I have millions of dollars. I just want a comfortable life. I am already thinking about the future when the kids go to college. I’ll move into a smaller house, use public transportation instead of cars, get rid of the cellphones, rely on less technology as possible, but keep the laptop for blogging.

On the other hand, I should be thankful for what I have today. I should not take it for granted. Should I do an experiment? Just spend on whatever I need to spend on. A grant here to fix this and a couple grants there to fix that and not to think about it. See how fast I am going broke.