Better Tuesday

After a good night of sleep, my mind is settling down. Replacing alcohol with fresh mango smoothie feels great. I knew I just needed some sleep and rest.

Driving home from work yesterday I could barely stay awake. I took a short nap and watched some TV with the kids before dinner. They gave me hugs and kisses. Đạo showed me his latest Lego creation. He is way more creative than me. I am so fortunate to have them around when I needed the love.

I need to stop thinking about the dumb shit and just focus on the the things that matter to me most. Fuck the money, fuck the emotion, and fuck the small stuff. Life is too short to concern myself with all the nonsense.

What the fuck is happening to me? Why am I becoming this way? Why am I competing with my own mind? I am still finding my way out of my own thoughts. It will be OK. I still have love and support. I will be fine. My life is good if not great.