David Sedaris: Calypso

Sedaris’s latest collection of personal essays is dark, poignant, and funny as always. With subjects ranging from his sister’s suicide to family feud to gay sex to Trump to shitting in your pants, Sedaris is at his finest as he approaches middle age.

He observes (p.4):

Yes, my hair is gray and thinning. Yes, the washer on my penis has worn out, leaving me to dribble urine long after I’ve zipped my trousers back up.

On Jesus (p.34):

And he always has a fantastic body, shown at its best on the cross, which—face it—was practically designed to make a man’s stomach and shoulders look good.

On racism (p.136):

I remember Yiayiá [grandmother] saying some pretty rough things about black people, which is odd given her limited vocabulary. It’s like she took English lessons from a Klan member but quit after the second day.

If you’re fan of Sedaris, it’s a must-read. Even if you are not, give Calypso a read.