Families Belong Together

As I was reading P. D. Eastman’s Are You My Mother? to my two-year-old son for the hundredth time, I kept thinking about those kids who are separated from their mothers. I could barely get through this part:

“Oh, you are not my mother,” said the baby bird. “You are a Snort. I have to get out of here!”

But the baby bird could not get away. The Snort went up.

It went way, way up. And up, up, up went the baby bird.

But now, where was the Snort going?

“Oh, oh, oh! What is this Snort going to do to me? Get me out of here!”

Just replace Snort with ICE and this is what happening in America. The world will never forget how the forty-fifth president and Republicans are mistreating children. They are taking away the kids’ parents.