When I started this blog, I believed I could write whatever I wanted. For a long time, I did write whatever the fuck was on my head. My inspiration was drawn from listening to hip-hop. If rappers could rap about drugs, sex, and money, bloggers could blog about anything. Sure, I got myself into trouble here and there, but I corrected myself and learned from my mistakes. I was young and vulnerable, but I didn’t give a fuck. My writing was raw and uncensored.

Almost two decades later, that mentality has changed. I am now a grown-ass man with a family. I have responsibilities and I can no longer put myself at risks. These days if I write the wrong thing, I can be called a sexist, misogynist, racist, or even homophobic. As a result, I have to check myself before hitting that publish button. The stakes are much higher these days.

I don’t think I will ever go back to read my earlier posts because they will make me cringe. I don’t think you should either unless you want to dig some dirt on me. Other than what I was thinking at the time, I don’t think there were anything horrific. Why am I writing this post? I have no idea.