Gout is Back

Two nights ago, I had a terrible dream. I set my foot in a nail salon for the first time. The guy who worked on my feet turned out to be an ex’s baby father. He cut into my toenail like some kind of revenge. I literally pulled my leg away and woke up. I felt the excruciating pain in my toe when I touched it. The swollen made me realize the gout is back.

I had been a bit reckless lately with food, which is one of my addictions. I had beef more than I should. My kids love phở and tacos; therefore, my wife kept making them. When we went out for hotpot, I had beef and lamb too. I should have continued taking apple cider vinegar mixed with honey, but I stopped. Now I am drinking it with just water to flush out the uric acid.

I need to stop uric acid before it forms in my other foot as well. Walking with gout is so uncomfortable. Gout, gout, go away and don’t come again another day.