Visualgui 2018: Iteration 4

In less than two months of the recent redesign, I am releasing the forth iteration of this blog. Most elements, including the logo, the typefaces, and the brand colors, stay the same. The drastic different is the new grid layout. I am still experimenting with CSS Grid. Mad kudos to Jen Simmons (I can’t wait to see her new site), Rachel Andrew , and Chen Hui Jing for paving the way for making web layout with grids.

For colors, I am playing around with some random, subtle colors to jazz the design up a bit. Hit refresh and you’ll see a different color background. I’ll add more in the future.

In the previous iteration, I liked the masking effect I did with the logo, but it felt steal after a while, especially when I didn’t have things that I really liked to promote. As a result, I just want to get back to the constant logo.

As for WordPress, it works the way I wanted for this blog. I deliberately keep the theme bare bone so I can make quick changes whenever I wanted to. I spent a couple of hours last night whipping up this theme. I hope that the Gutenberg project, which will be implemented into WordPress core in the future, won’t affect my design. Here’s yet another intriguing Gutenberg critic.

In the footer of this blog, I brought back a blogroll to sites I still read. I hope to see more people writing on their own site instead on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, or third-party platforms. My Feedly has lots more subscriptions, but I only link to blogs that are updated frequently. I hope to add more from time to time.

Also in the footer, I added a support column. After listening to how John Gruber and Jason Kottke got their readers to support their blogs, I wanted to give it a shot. I am not doing any display ad, membership, or sponsorship. If you enjoy reading this blog, just show me some love. Buy me a cup of coffee or a bottle of Don Julio to help fuel my thoughts. You can contribute in any amount. Someday I might follow their footstep and do this full time. For now blogging is still my hobby and I am still very passionate about it.