Anne Lemott: Hallelejah Anyway

In her new concise, engaging book, Ms. Lemott shares inspiring stories drawing from the Bible, real life, and her own flaws to illustrate mercy. Ms. Lemott is obviously a skillful writer. Just read how she defines mercy:

Misericordia is Latin for “mercy,” from misericors, “merciful,” which is in turn derived from misereri,“to pity,” and cor, “heart.” Mercy means compassion, empathy, a heart for someone’s troubles. It’s not something you do—it is something in you, accessed, revealed, or cultivated through use, like a muscle. We find it in the most unlike places, never where we first look. (p.51)

Although Ms. Lemott incorporates theology in her writing, she is not preaching. In fact, she questioned God and I appreciate that. The conflicts she had with her son resonated with me the most. I am sure I will be in the same boat when my boys become teenagers. It’s touching and beautifully written. The book design by Amanda Dewey is also gorgeous. I highly recommend turning off your digital device and pick up this book, you’ll be enlightened.