Đạo’s and Đán’s Progress Report

Đạo and Đán received their progress report yesterday. They are graded on the following scales:

  1. Seldom demonstrates
  2. Sometimes demonstrates
  3. Usually demonstrates
  4. Consistently demonstrates

Đạo’s academic performances are between usually (3) and consistently (4) good. His social performances, however, are 3s across the board. He even had a 2 for “identifies, pursues, and reflects on goals.” Đạo is not antisocial. He just has a group of three or four friends that he is closed with.

To my surprise, Đán earned all 4s in his social performances. Then again, Đán is a pretty social kid. He doesn’t have a group of close friends, but he gets along with all of his classmates. His academic performances are also consistently good, except for his musical literary skills, which is understandable. He once told his music teacher that he couldn’t count 1 to 4 so he did not have to play the piano.

Another surprise is that he mastered most of the activities in his kindergarten report, including “taking turns and sharing.” I don’t see that at home. He fights constantly with his brothers over toys. He definitely acts different at home and school. He never received any pink slip for misbehaving in class. His teacher never complaint about his behavior. Even when I asked her, she told me that he is an excellent student in class.

Late last year, I was a bit worried about his reading since he could not tell me the alphabet. Then he made tremendous improvement once he mastered the letters. He worked through his word ring in two or three times. He is also doing good with Let’s Read, which we read together 2 or 3 pages each night. He started to be able to put the letters together on his own.