Xuân Turns Two

It’s a bit surreal that Xuân only turns two. In my mind, he’s much older than that. He is our little baby, but he has two other cousins younger than him. Comparing to them, he is much more mature. Furthermore, he has grown up so fast to catch up with his older brothers. He started to speak earliest out of the three boys. He knows how to communicate with words and he is beginning to form longer sentences.

On top of that, he started the terrible-two phase before he reached two. He started hitting his older brothers and kept on doing it because they don’t hit him back. Poor Đán, he just let Xuân hit him without hurting his little brother. I have to tell him to move away and straightened Xuân up every time.

When I dropped Xuân at daycare this morning, I stayed in his class for a bit to celebrate his birthday. He was quiet and serious. He was not the little Xuân we know at home. Xuân loves his teachers, particularly Ms. Aparicia. It took me a long time to say her name, yet Xuân already mastered it. Every morning, Xuân would say “I want Ms. Aparicia.”

Then again, he still wanted to be breastfed every night and morning. He is still mama’s little boy.